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This coming Monday, March 21st I will revert to once a week bloggy updates.

With non-daily posts will come deeper thoughts and comments about me, and by me.


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Hey, do you know something I find REALLY frustrating?
(if you’ve known me very long then I’m sure you do, lol ;*)
I’m a voter. I vote because I believe my beliefs are valuable and what is important to me is worth standing behind.
Well, during the last three + weeks of eye issues I was adventuring through it seems my town was offered the opportunity to vote: where was I? Curled in a ball wishing that aspirin wasn’t as dangerous as it is so I could take it.
I missed it! I’m so sad!!
I had the opportunity to give my comment on how important to me it is NOT to have a new Wal-Mart make it’s way into my small town and set up shop.
And it simply adds to the pain to find out that it passed: Wal-Mart is on its way …. Ack! Ack!! ACK! ACK!!!

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